An easy, efficient way to service your vehicle without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Our driver picks up your vehicle, brings it back to the shop to be serviced, and then returns it back to your home when the service is complete.  Simple as that! 



How to Service@Home

Find Your Vehicle

Visit our Service Scheduler and search your email/phone number to find the vehicle you wish to service. Select which service(s) need to be performed.

 Pick Up My Vehicle (We do not have a tow service available)

 Next, choose if you want your car picked up, or if you will drop if off to O'Neil Nissan yourself. We pick up your vehicle with Service @ Home!

*10 Mile Radius From Our Dealership*

Pick Up Information

Set the address you want your vehicle to be picked up at.

Pick Up Time

 Select the time and date you wish to set your service appointment for.

Contact Info

Enter your contact info and your preferred method to receive notifications for your pickup/delivery.

Book Service

  After completing the submission you will receive a confirmation email for your SERVICE@HOME appointment.

 Sit Back and Relax! 

Your vehicle is in great hands and we look forward to servicing it for you!